New members to the Hoop Historians may be approved at the Annual Meeting by a 75% affirmative vote of the eligible members present.  For consideration to be a member, the nominee must have attended a minimum of three Final Fours and must have been a “Friend of the Hoop Historians” for at least one year.


 (month & day only)
 State  Zip:
 Home Telephone:
 Cell Phone:
 Current Occupation:
 Basketball Experiences and Accomplishments:

 Final Fours Attended (list individual years and # of games attended):

 First, Second and Regional Round NCAA games attended (include year, site and # of games attended):

 Other Pertinent Information:

 I understand that my application for membership will be considered by the Hoop Historians Membership Committee.  I further understand that I will pay any membership dues that may be required of me in the future and that membership in the Hoop Historians does not entitle me to any hotel reservations at the Final Four or any game tickets at the Final Four.

Applicant's Signature:  _____________________________   Date:  _______________

Individuals who apply for membership must include
a refundable $25 fee with their application.  If they are selected, that fee will go towards their annual dues payment for the following year.  If the individual does not get the sufficient number of votes, then the money will be returned in full.  New membership applications must be submitted to the Hoop Historians no later than March 1st of each year in order for the nomination to be voted upon at the annual meeting.

Make your check or money order payable to: Joe Spagnolo.

Please mail your application and your $25 fee (to cover your first year annual dues) to:
Hoop Historians
158 Oakton Drive
Lombard IL 60148

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