Here are twenty questions about the Final Four:

  1. Which was the last team to enter the Final Four undefeated?
  2. What is the only team to beat three number one seeds in the tournament?
  3. Who was the only #16 seed to take their opening round game into overtime?
  4. What conference was the first to have three teams in the Final Four?
  5. Where was the last non-Dome Final Four played?
  6. What was the biggest point spread upset in the National Championship Game?
  7. How many times did Dean Smith make the Final Four before winning it?
  8. What city hosted the first time four games were played in a Final Four?
  9. How many different schools finished undefeated after winning the Final Four?
10. What year was the first time that the National Championship game was televised?
11. What eight teams were number 15 seeds that won opening round games?
12. Who is the lowest seed to reach the Elite Eight (Regional Finals)?
13. Who is the lowest seed to win the National Championship?
14. In what year did all number one seeds make the Final Four?
15. What team was undefeated, rated #1 in the AP Poll and did not play in the post season?
16. When was the last time the National Championship Game was decided by a single point?
17. When was the last time two undefeated teams made it to the Final Four?
18. Who is the only team to play a Final Four game on their home court?
19. On whose home court was the 1978 Final Four played?

20. How many head coaches did UCLA have between John Wooden’s championship in 1975 and Jim Harrick’s title in 1995?

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And here are ten questions about the Hoop Historians membership:

  1.  Which Hoop Historian was once part of the peanut gallery on the Howdy Doody show?
  2.  Which Hoop Historian attended a national presidential convention and was on the convention floor ?
  3.  Which Hoop Historian provided voice-over work for a television commercial starring the Harlem Globetrotters?

  4.  What two Hoop Historians coached together?
  5.  What two Hoop Historians worked for the same company -- but at different times?
  6.  Which Hoop Historian has a very famous sibling?
  7.  What Hoop Historian recorded a hole-in-one?
  8.  Which Hoop Historian attended school in a one room schoolhouse?
  9.  What Hoop Historian was a member of their collegiate fencing team?
10.  What organization has members that have attended a collective 750 Final Four Tournaments, and continue to be goodwill ambassadors to the game of basketball?

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